25 thoughts on “Ahmed Shehzad : Out Hit Wicket vs New Zealand, 1st Test 2014

  1. Come on guys! I’ve already deleted dozens of hateful comments on this
    video. Take your dumbfuck Indo-Pak verbal war somewhere else. 

  2. Crazy that he fractured his skull. Helmet manufacturers really need to pick
    up their game, should not be suffering injuries like this these days. 

  3. Not sure if you have it mate, but if possible, could you please upload
    Brendon McCullum bowling? I missed it, and it’d be interesting to watch. 

  4. Here’s another reason for the ICC to meet…I don’t think this is a hit
    wicket actually, cause a hit wicket would mean hitting with wicket with you
    knowing that you did. This is was totally out of control and he was injured
    how could have possible avoided hitting the wicket…right?..I don’t
    know…I just feel ICC needs to look into this.

  5. He is suffering the nz players are celebrating this shows how racist they
    are im not telling dont celebrate but first care about the suffer then
    celebrate after

  6. This was some of the worst sportsmanship I have seen. The batsmen being on
    the ground in a sever amount of pain and your loosing the test match
    miserably and your too busy celebrating…

  7. An unfortunate incident, but this guy has got his ticket to ‘heaven’ (read
    Pakistan- a suicide bomber’s paradise). Jannat-e-Jahaan mein is istikbaal,
    bhaaijaan! Yahaan har tarah ke dehshatgard milte hain.

    Despite his mindset, he is still a human and a sportsperson. Cricket needs
    him, specially Pakistani cricket. Get well soon Shehzad, you’re a good,
    budding cricketer! May you soon return to where you belong- the cricket

  8. I don’t wanna be mean or anything, but wasn’t Shehzad the same guy who told
    Dilshan to change his religion if wants to go to heaven? Now Shehzad, for
    sure has gone to heaven!

  9. lol, not to start another IND-PAK war, but just saying that I felt really
    sad when this young talent got injured. May god bless his soul. He’ll do
    our neighbouring country proud!!

  10. Hope he gets well soon In Sha Allah. I’d say he’s the only batsman we have
    right now who has the ability to score runs in all formats. 

  11. Sad to see great batsman like Ahmed Shahzad in such a great form got out
    from rest of the matches against Newzealand…Hopefully he come back soon
    and carry on his splendid batting

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