All Blacks v Ireland seconf Test highlights (Christchurch)

Kiwi Sport Video clip Rating: four / 5

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  1. Ireland should have won but luckily all blacks won woohoooooo!! ALWAYS BLACK

  2. Ireland is a class Rugby team

  3. Bad Luck Ireland….That was such an awesome game!! Well played!!!

  4. the all blacks dont seem to be that strong anymore 🙂


  6. Dan Carter should get his own part in the DC comics!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. It was an Irish performance to be proud of, but meas mór to DC. A great bit of individual skill under pressure.

  8. 4- McCaw said after the game that in the last 5 minutes it was important to get down deep into the opposition territory and keep possession…HELLO…doesn’t that apply for the WHOLE game??

    I’m sorry to say but the AB’s lost there mojo in this 2nd Test. Lets hope they find it for the 3rd.

  9. 1- I didn’t want to say it, but the All Blacks forwards seem a bit “soft”. The only times they showed a bit of mongrel was in the haka and 10 minutes into the 2nd half.

    2- Ireland came out firing and needed to be met with fire i.e to attack someone with a lot of force because they are attacking you with force.

    3- Would also like to see the AB’s occasionally put pressure on the opposition & back themselves to score a try instead of taking a penalty goal (a real momentum killer).

  10. THAT HAKA WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  11. seconf test? SECOND test!

  12. The Irish played very well


  14. haven’t seen a physical game like this in a while…. Ireland were a whole new team from the last one