24 thoughts to “All Blacks v Argentina – Rugby Championship highlights 2012”

  1. 1: A fruit
    2: An animal, a fluffy black bird that doesn’t fly (they are the national animal [I think] of New Zeland)

  2. come on pumas.. step by step.. thanks to NZ, Australia n South Africa to join us to the best rugby toutnament in the world

  3. They are playing in Buenos Aires in half an hour.

    Come on Los Pumas !. Buena suerte y jugar bien !.

    I hope you play well, and I won’t be sad if you win , Pumas. I know it would be glorious for your supporters. And what pleasure it would be for the great Hugo Porta.

    I just hope both teams play honourably, and do both nations proud.

    Come on the All Blacks !.

  4. I was at this game, credit to the Pumas defence but the AB’s looked lost on attack. There was no cohesion at all. And you can’t blame the conditions because they same things occured a week later at the Springbok game and that was in a closed roof stadium. Things have to improve before we head to Argentina and SA.

  5. ja, gracias x la corrección, vengo de mal en peor con la ortografía jaja.sí, coincido con vos, gurruchaga no tiene el mismo nivel en el stade que en los pumas.pero bue, si es así, que el técnico no lo ponga más a patear.no podemos seguir perdiendo puntos por esa vía jugando ante las mejores potencias del mundo.en el mundial los 4 penales q erró ante inglaterra nos costó quedar 2dos y enfrentar a los all blacks.ojalá el técnico se avive y ponga a juan martín hernandez cmo pateador.saludos

  6. erro va sin h 😉 jaja, che tenes razon, tiene q volver Juan Martin Hernandez… de ultima estaria para ver a Bustos Moyano a ver q onda… me dio bronca gurruchaga en el Stade Francais la rompe y aca parece Amateur , medio como messi jeje bueno ni tanto

  7. thanks for the upload cuzzie,living in fiji on an island and missed the game. please please up load game against sth Africa. I have the whole village sitting around my lap top.

  8. I now support three teams

    All Blacks
    anyone playing Australia
    and Argentina.
    Ka pai Argentina!

  9. pumas played better than australia did to be fair. love the pumas! so much heart!

  10. It’s finally great to see Argentina play with the top 3 sides in the world. It’s been a long time coming. They always give the ABs a good game when they play. They will just get better over the years now they’re in the competition. I agree with Tomas, they’ll be in the top soon. Maybe even less than 4 years. Let’s hope. More teams to beat the Northerners lol

  11. I am an Argentinian living in Wellington. I went to see the match, it was an incredible experience!
    I felt proud of my country….VAMOS PUMAS CARAJO!

  12. tenemos una gran defensa, un buen ataque, pero estamos careciendo de un buen pateador porque gurruchaga no mete una pelota ni estando a 5 metros.hasta que no logremos eso, no podremos ganarles a estas potencias.ya en el mundial pasado perdimos contra inglaterra porque gurruchaga se herró 4 penales, en el partido anterior ante sudáfrica también se herró varios, y ahora frente a los all blacks herró los 2 q pateó.¿no se da cuenta el técnico q tiene q poner otro pateador?

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