Anthony Hudson sure to make into History Books

New Zealand’s Anthony Hudson is a man that is determined on making it into the history-books of the national team after being appointed as the manager of the country’s football team in August of 2014; he has already outlined what he is planning to do and to accomplish.

Mexico defeated New Zealand on November 20 of 2013 as the Spanish speaking country earned the ticket which allowed them to qualify into the previous edition of the World Cup.

The group stages of the 1982 and 2010 are the furthest that the New Zealand national side has managed to get into during the international competitions but Anthony Hudson wants to make it beyond the traditional placing of the team.

One of the ways that Anthony Hudson wants to achieve this level of success is to go on a global tour in search of players who can be eligible on playing with the New Zealand side and if they are talented enough, Hudson will be attempting to add them to his team as this will help out in the process of increasing the quality of the national side.

“The US national team has seven German players and they were incredible at the World Cup. But they’ve got to show that they want to fight for the national team. I’m getting names thrown about and I’m speaking to coaches and agents all over the place in Europe and America.” New Zealand’s Anthony Hudson said as the English manager said that he is willing to travel all around the world in order to add new players and talent to his team.

Since being appointed as the coach of New Zealand, Anthony Hudson has not managed to snatch a single victory after having lost matches against Uzbekjstan and Thailand as well as having to settle with a 1-1 draw with China.

The man with a plan has had a rough start but he is well aware of everything that has to be done and he still remains eager and determined on reaching success with the New Zealand national side.