25 thoughts to “Argentina vs All Blacks Highlights – Rugby Championship 2012 – Buenos Aires”

  1. This is one of the best All Blacks teams I have seen in recent years – Fully deserving the number 1 rank. Argentina is looking a lot better! Shame they don’t play in the super rugby tournament, they should get into the top 5 in the next couple of years

  2. Silly person….keep losing against NZ. Your country is doing well not winning much, getting thrashed by ABs which is normal and maintaining a 4th below rugby world ranking level – Doing a fantastic job wahooo good stuff, just beautiful I love it, makes me smile lol

  3. Virtually JW did win it for England, without his kick that sealed the game it could have gone either way. ABs were not lucky to win the RWC, they did not lose one game and deserved their win. They were the best team as they still are. Typical answer from a non-AB supporter

  4. England are a team much like the Wallabies at the moment trying to find thier feet.I find your statement invalid due to the fact Englands squad was off the dial. Heck Johnson, Borthwick, Thompson, Farrel, Sheridan, Robinson… PLEASE open your history book before you talk about J.W.. Its not like J.W did the job on his own. He didn’t ruck the ball to Aussies territory? No. So please don’t shine on his face like he made them win.
    ABs were luck that RWC to win. I know it. So do you.

  5. My arguement is as open as the subject of Richie Mccaw being a cheat (: I know what I am talking about when I say that NH rugby will be better than SH. The only reason why its not as good is due to the fact that RUGBY here is our heart beat. Over their its majority soccer. Especially with the likes of our Maori/Polynesian players starting to rep the NH teams.. Its a strong sign that rugby is rising. Its no surprise that rugby is the 2nd popualr sport. Watch it and analyse it. Ill prove u wrong..

  6. I do I am from NZ.. By old I mean in age right? I don’t see All Blacks winning another world cup for a while. Though they are a great team and should be praised for their deeds I reckon we both don’t need to look too far back to when France nearly took the cup from our back yard. All Blacks are great but they are not immortals. This decade is theirs for now. I believe we should see more coming up as everyone realises All Blacks ae technically on a league of their own. Wales is a strong team btw.

  7. Also the only reason why England won 2004 world cup was because of JW kicking skills. he won it for England, since he has gone, England is shit as they showed at the last world cup

  8. Remember at the world cups since the beginning 1987 until now who have won but SH – boks, wallabies, ABs twice with England only once and their are NH teams that have NEVER beaten the ABs. So I think your argument is invalid

  9. Well then you do not know the history of AB rugby, as you would find they have dominated rugby consistently over any other team for the last 100 years. what do you mean “they are an old team” that is rubbish, they have such great talent in their ranks just waiting to have the honour to play for the ABs, any other team would love to have ABs reserves as their 1st 15. Also the NH will never dominate the SH, they are just too strong and have consistently been too strong.

  10. True you right. No team like NZ. They are a dominant team and have proven it time and time again. Best team in history after their ’16’ win streak. But I do see NZ falling on their sword soon just due to the fact that they are an old team.. AND NZ under teams aren’t proving to be that good. I see rugby being a European dominated game when All Blacks die out. Lets face it… We have only really relied on D.C & R.M and the ‘other players’ are going out soon. Nonu might be out too… So who knows??

  11. I think you will find a few teams have scored first and may even have lead in the first half. It gives them a false sense of security until the second half when the ABs end up annihilating them. Also the other team starts to run ragged because they cannot keep up with the ABs for the full 80 minutes

  12. No actually Argentina have something special here. To score first against All Blacks they did both times.. What does Argentina have that All Blacks don’t in those vital 10 mins?? I think within the next 2-3 years Argentina will be a team to not mess with. I know they will beat All Blacks.. But goodness me great crowd and passion by Los Pumas!

  13. All Blacks support play of late is incredible – always someone there. In particular, Read – hitting the ball at pace, a step, a swerve, one-handed offloads timed to perfection. On fire that lad.

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  15. last twenty minutes is the Argies problem. They need to get off their beef fed fat arses and do some stamina training. Hope this helps, Pumas!

  16. LOL. I love it how the ref jumps up in the air to award the 2nd argentina try at 3:17 ….followed by some sweet music around the stadium

  17. The Pumas made the same mistake most teams make when they go up against the All Blacks – they tried to beat them at their own game. The All Blacks are the fittest, fastest and best counter attacking side in the world. Trying to play an expansive game from the get go only plays into their hands.

    Teams that beat the All Blacks do three vital things:
    1. They quickly nullify any forward dominance they might have.
    2. They use the tactical kicking game to good effect.
    3. They play the full 80 mins.

  18. Allblack fan but have the up most respect for argentina good luck to them in saying that i like that the allblacks arent show ponys and respect other teams

  19. Ok….in general Rugby player’s try celebrations are far more muted than mad soccer player’s goals where they rip off their shirts and run around the field for 5 min ,wasting time and insulting the crowd with their so called heroic infantile antics.

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