18 thoughts to “Comments from the All Blacks after the match vs Argentina in Wellington”

  1. Great game Argies..saw them at Airport yesterday…every free was bruised, black eyes, cuts to faces…100% cmmtmt..good on ya

  2. it will be very interesting in a couple of weeks when the ABs play the Pumas in Argentina won’t it 😉

  3. We need a good kicker urgently!! Please Phelan bring back Gonzalo Quesad to teach how to kick a ball!!!

  4. I can’t, because It’s a secret ¬¬ Lol. All I can say by now is that our coach ain’t putting the best on the field nor bench, so if he had done his job right we probably would have won at least the 2nd match against the springboks. For example, Gurruchaga ain’t that good as a player and sucks as a kicker IMO, this when we have options like Martin Bustos Moyano not playing this matches, he’s a top 3 scorer of the french top 14, HE should be playing and in charge of the penalties no doubt.

  5. Awesome puma’s ….. My boss said ! it would take you guys 10 years to catch up to scratch with the Tri nation team’s ….. well I proved him wrong so guess who’s shouting me lunch 2moro lol

  6. damn the pumas were really physically last night, first time I’ve seen the ALL Blacks get out muscled

  7. the structure of this sentence is awful, absolutely awful. thanks for trying though, watch the language 😉

  8. Good game guys argentina played really well first 60mins ,think itd be fair to say weepu had an awsome presence once he came on field and the guys clicked ,auzzie have there work cut out nxt week and personally i think argentina are going to win, the ABs also will struggle against then when they play at home….

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