New Zealand will be face to face with the US in 2016

New Zealand will be face to face with the US in the 2016 FIFA Under 20 Women’s World Cup. This event will take place from November 13, 2016 to December 3, 2016. The Group C team will also face off against France and Ghana after the official draw done weeks ago in Zurich, Switzerland. There is no official broadcast information as of yet and that will become available as the year progresses.

The tournament will open with the women’s U20 US team going against France on November 14. The match for New Zealand to square off against the US will take place on November 17. There are two stadiums for the event (one being Sir Hubert Murray Stadium and the other being the National Football Stadium). Both stadiums reside in Papua of New Guinea (the capital).

The FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup features four different groups and four different teams. These groups and teams are made up by the 16 divided nations that compete in the U20 Women’s World Cup. The field is going to be a very competitive and rough game for the New Zealand team. Here are all the featured teams in 2016’s U20 Women’s World Cup: Brazil, Korea Republic, Korea DPR, Japan, Nigeria, Venezuela, France, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Papa New Guinea, USA, Ghana and New Zealand.

New Zealand will need to be on top of their A game for this one, especially squaring off against the US team which has proved themselves to be a fierce fighting machine this year. In March of 2015, the winner of the U20 Women’s World Cup was Papa New Guinea. This year, New Zealand is more determined than ever to thwart the efforts of Papa New Guinea to not let them win twice in a row and to defeat the ever determined US.