25 thoughts to “The All Blacks – The Ultimate Highlights and Best Moments”

  1. I wish I knew how to play rugby it looks real physical, mental, and really crazy fun but I don’t think I’m athletic enough. I mean I’m pretty athletic but for rugby, I don’t think so

  2. mahi drysdale for one, in the olympics we have more medals per capita than any other country, in got your back bro, fucking frogs eh? all they do is surrender

  3. You know it’s funny because i never insulted you yet you do it (bad education ? probably ..) and also i’m writing in english even if it is not my language .. learn respect before you talk about rugby .

  4. haha the best weapons huh? Where were these weapons when the rest of the world bailed their arse out of ww2? France leads the world in fuck all except being arrogant cunts. iv just spent the last 3 years living in france and everything you just ranted is absolute bullshit. And their healthcare system is fuck all on australia and nz

  5. a win is a win. the french played extremely well for the french the all blacks had an off game and still won. Let us have some fucking pride with out being a cock about it. if france dominated every phase why didnt they win?? Its people like you why the world hates america

  6. haha trying to use my own line back at me. what a french thing to do. it was an example of why the world view the french as being pretentious bad loosers who have a rugby team notorious for eye gouging the all blacks

  7. a french player once claimed he was bashed in wellington.when it was actually his own team mates that bashed him in teir hotel. french soccer team at world cup….. enough said

  8. I’m french and i always respected the all blacks and the people from NZ, but why are you so pretentious, you are saying that french people are pretentious but when i saw some articles of the NZ herald (i think) or when i read what written here, i just see you as ridiculous people and bad winner …

  9. Best Record – equal most World Cup wins, equal most final appearances, equal most semi-final appeareances, best winning percentage of any team in rugby, winning record against every other team, more Tri-Nation titles than Australia & SA combined, more Super Rugby titles than SA & Australia combined, most time spent ranked 1 in IRB rankings, shares record for most consecutive test wins….

    Whatever measure you try and use, the All Blacks are the most successful team in Rugby.

  10. What stats are you looking at?

    The All Blacks have won 56% of their matches against the Boks, 68% since the game went professional.
    And they’ve against Australia they’ve won 67%, and have maintained that percentage in the professional era.

    The All Blacks are the only team in world rugby to have a winning record against EVERY other team.

  11. “The SA and Australians have a lot more to say about Rugby than you do”

    Yeah, they can talk about how they lose most of their matches to the AB’s.

  12. Loser? I’m American.

    Calm the fuck down, best record of what exactly?! The SA and Australians have a lot more to say about Rugby than you do, and there’s nothing to be cocky about your shameful victory over France. They’ll come back at you. Not only the game itself was a shame (France clearly dominated every phases of the game), but also all the disgusting fuss you guys made before the game. “We’re gonna annihilate France”, yeah right, they nearly skinned the mighty fucking ABs

  13. Bet you weren’t complaining about the ref in 2007, funny that.

    3 times final losers, crybabies about the ref vs 2 time WC winners (beating France both times) and best record in history of rugby.

    Thanks for coming, take your loser medals and go home. Try not to blow up any boats or set off any nukes on pacific atolls.

  14. See, I don’t get my knowledge or my “facts” out of google search. You’re pathetic, daring comparing NZ to France’s technology. What comes next, are you gonna explain me how better the NZ’s movies and technologies are better than what we got in the US? This is where the conversation ends, go back shepherding your furry friends.

    ps: learn how to speak proper English, please

  15. Keep telling yourself that do a little research first. The US hahahahah good one. The one who needs to “calm the fuck down” is the person ripping on a country they have probably never been to, commenting on a video of a New Zealand national team. The USA a country that when i was in the US was asked where in Canada it was by Nemerous Americans. Pull your head out of your arse “son” you are starting to sound just as arrogant as the French

  16. Best movie maker? Avatar? Technology? LMAO. Hey, wake up. France is the world leading industry in aviation, space, nuclear power and powerplants, pharmacy and chemicals, video games, health care. They also make some very advance weapon systems as well as unmatched radars, rifles, missiles, etc. What the hell are you talking about, seriously

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