20 thoughts to “This is ALL BLACK RUGBY”

  1. I could watch this over and over and never get sick of it IM A TRUE KIWI GO THE ALLBLACKS 2019 YAHEE I WANA BE AN ALLBLACK WHEN IM OLDER

  2. I swear i nearly cry this was brilliant, excellent amazing. #rugbyloveHow do you make all those nightmares go away?? Give them to someone else!!

  3. Even though im Portuguese and would rather see my country win i always root for the Kiwi's All Blacks

  4. Oh look, an all blacks video where Australian fans aren't constantly bashing them and talking shit, pity the all blacks fans can't do the same on Australian vids

  5. It's not a thing of one night, this legacy is continuing from 100 years back, and it will roll on…
    Go The All Blacks..!!

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