25 thoughts to “Wanderlust – Action Adventure in Rotorua, New Zealand [Episode 3/4]”

  1. how ironic…when michelle says she wears the pants in the relationship, her shirt is so long it looks like she’s pant-less.

  2. my fave is the 3rd one..! lol! daven’s laugh is just funny..He made me laugh! LOL! yes, the guys are cute..yay! 🙂

  3. You went to Rotarua as well?! You’re going to all the places I went when I was 16!! (Which was in 2008) It’s so gorgeous!! I love New Zealand!! xxxx

  4. and people wonder why Australia and New Zealand has REAL men 😀 luv being an Aussie~ <3

  5. its funny how @ 5:13 michelle says she wears the pants in the family yet it appears shes not wearing panties at all haha c:

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