25 thoughts on “New Zealand’s Haka v USA – Amazing Moment – 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup

  1. “On paper #Spain2014 is an amazing achievement, no NBA players, no
    Euroleague players but once again we proved very good at throwing it in the
    face of the basketball world,” said former #TallBlacks’ coach Nenad Vučinić

  2. Ironic how the descendants of English colonist are imitating the customs
    of the people whose land they stole

  3. Well no fucking shit you’re better at basketball than them.
    USA- 320 Mirrion people
    New Zealand- 4.5 Mirrion people

    It’s not even their national sport, either. What do you gain from bragging
    about this?

    Everyone else – “your country is over glorified and is a land for shitcunts”
    Me – “why did I scroll down” 

  5. Why did I scroll down? So many assholes in this comment section that I just
    get disappointed in my fellow countrymen and Americans. I mean what the
    hell guys? Sure America beat New Zealand, doesn’t mean you have to be dicks
    about it

  6. Americans please… dont think you are the best only because you awin at
    the sports you invented. basketball is not even popular in nz. baseball and
    american football are boring as hell and in hockey canada and russia
    destroy you. of course you win at athletics using african people , one day
    you idolize them , the next day you complain because they seat at the bus
    at your side. dont forget that you have the same population as europe,
    australia and new zealand together. if you count the german, french ,
    australian and british medals in olymnpics they double yours and still dont
    reach your population . also getting destroyed 74-6 in your own stadium at
    rugby is something that should make you more humble

  7. the amerifags laughing how we got beaten wait until we play them in chicago
    for rugby then well see whos laughing

  8. To the homeboy who says us Americans have been doing Calculus since we were
    3. Lets get a few things straight, 1 I’ve been in the marine corps for 10
    years so I know all about being an American. 2. I’m a Junior in college
    right now and I’m FN horrible at math. If a math equation is more then
    basic adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, then I’m screwed. So
    speak for yourself on that on that math BS. We speak English which makes
    our country’s name America, not Merica. That just made you sound stupid in
    your little rant.

  9. The haka from the Tall Blacks was the most entertaining pre game ritual
    during the FIBA World Cup. 

  10. 4 million new zealand 300 million USA. the americans feel so proud to win
    by 27 points ? it’s ok they need to celebrate something, their country
    sucks and its full of violence, obesity, crime and racism. let the 4
    million people enjoy the 74-6 beating they gave you in your own stadium at
    rugby. rugby is nothing in USA you might say, not much means basketball in

  11. This is getting serious. First I have to say that I’m from Turkey and I
    respect both New Zealand and America. Americans, New Zealand may have lost
    the match but this doesn’t mean that they lose everything and it also
    doesn’t mean that you are good at everything. At least to me Haka dance is
    awesome. So if you Americans didn’t like it; then don’t watch the video.
    You don’t have to be like : “Boo! You guys suck!” It’s rude. 

  12. Whenever Americans come across a culture they are not used to seeing, in
    this case the Maori Haka. They will degrade it the worst way. 

  13. so why do new zealanders do this? i heared of them doing this but it seems
    totally pointless. 

  14. The Tall Blacks did a great job with the haka. The Tall Blacks tried their
    best. Everyone learns from their mistakes. Americans did a great job as
    well. It was good of them to clap, so the Tall Blacks would get the respect
    they deserve. Good Show

  15. Idk why people are using the excuse that basketball isn’t popular in their
    country but make fun of Americans for being bad at soccer… A sport that
    we pretend to care about every 4 years.

  16. Here’s a little MATH for all you FOREIGNERS out there (hopefully you speak
    ENGLISH, the only language that MATTERS):
    (Europe + Australia + Canada + every other SHITHOLE continent & country) < 'MERICA. That's right, I said 'MERICA. That's a bit of OUR CULTURE, bitch! And I'm sorry if the MATH was too COMPLEX for you dumbass foreigners, but in 'MERICA we're all doing CALCULUS when we're 3 years old. Why? Because we're GENIUSES, which is why we INVENT everything that all the other PARASITES on Earth use.

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