20 thoughts to “HIGHLIGHTS: All Blacks v British & Irish Lions Third Test”

  1. Honestly the All Blacks must stop crying it was a penalty to the Lions Actually. Kieren Played the players in the air, but yes french refs are as bad as their players

  2. Beauden Barrett had a shocking series, don't even compare him to Carter he's not in Carter's league. Beauden was shocking, not once did he grab any test by the scruff he's just a fluke opportunist who runs around forwards in mismatches. Dagg, J. Savea, A. Smith, Read, Kaino, Sam Whitelock and Owen Franks are not the influential forces they once were.

  3. Oh well, at least one kiwi will be a hero back in Blighty…..Gatts. It takes a kiwi to know a kiwi and Gatts managed to scrounge them a series draw.
    I'm more disappointed that Hansen said to the AB's just go out there and hit the brick wall like you did in the 2nd test. Made for some ridiculously boring rugby two teams trying to show the world that they can bang heads for the whole damn game almost.
    I was sure Stevie would make some changes to the game plan they would not be expecting. NO I don't mean just change a few players and hope for the best. What th……..

  4. Sam Warburton was incorrectly penalised and a forward pass was also incorrectly called against the Lion's. Point being, the refs are only human, they make mistakes just like the players do. Bad decisions go both ways, so it's unfair of kiwi's to blame the ref. It was a good test series, some kiwi's (not all) just need to learn to accept defeat without blaming the ref.

  5. The lions ref must of been paid well, especially when he offered Kieran Reid a deal lmao!! Kieran should of asked how much ? he must of forgot his mic was still on hahaha ..and that's how you know the all blacks were cheated..#onlywaytobeatthebest

  6. If the series were determined alone by the number of tries scored after a result such as this, the All Blacks win. They scored 6 tries to the Lions 4 throughout the series. But it is what it is. Good showcase of manliness from both sides.

  7. Allblacks couldn't put on there usual dominant performance because this Lions team unlike 2005 came to play rugby. They matched ABs up front were great in defense, and showed endeavor and character when attacking. Coming from an Allblacks fan myself this is worthy of respect. Of course the ABs shot themselves in the foot SBW, stupid errors, bad decisions etc. ABs got unlucky with the ref but so did Lions at times the officiating was poor which almost spoiled a Greg series.

  8. The ref made a "deal" with the players since when do refs make deals? Unprofessional giving a penalty straight away then chickening out by getting the TMO to make the decision for him. Also that was not a forward pass from the Lions player earlier on in the match ref had a shocker and was way to whistle happy. Both teams got done by bad officiating.

  9. take a look at Kieran Read…Well offside at the last NZ re-start!!! …  A Lions penalty within Eliot Daly range.  NZ get away with murder once again.  Stop banging on about the accidental offside and, if you must say something, comment on the deliberate offside of your captain which – had it been seen – would've probably seen the Lions win the series.

  10. Stop the clock at 4.25 and see who was offside at the restart. could have been a different picture then

  11. Ball was never lost forward, contact in the air was 50/50, red 16 returning from an offside position , never makes it on side and due to the speed of the play contacts the ball, accidental offside (natural reaction is to catch it, try it sometime) immediate release collected by non offending side. That equals advantage all blacks. IMHO the non call is the no advantage call for the accidental offside. Looked like a try was on. At this stage in a game like that, the ref may be a little fatigued, blew right away he's a human being for christ sake. His initial reaction was penalty , but referring to the TMO gave the better call sans the advantage

  12. was it that same french ref who red carded Bismark for a 100% regular tackle on Dan Carter once?? He should retire!

  13. Reads play was cynical. Considering the context of the play (time on the clock and the scoreboard.) Him raising his arm as if to challenge doesn't matter. He didn't make contact with the ball and only smashed into apposing players. He should grow a set of balls and have done a proper challenge for the ball.

  14. I like that new law the ref. made up. an accidental of-side Lol!!!! According to the rules that's a penalty , oh but the ref. tried hard to ping the ABs for every little thing and heaps of nonsense to boot. Ritalik got clothe lined right in front of the ref. and no whistle…mind boggling!

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