20 thoughts to “New Zealand vs France FULL MATCH | Rugby World Cup 2015 Quarterfinal”

  1. It's simply amazing to see the success the All Blacks have had. Back in to 90's and early 2000's, it was all about clearing for good position. Then, in the mid 2000's, the All Blacks stopped that kind of play and started focusing on possession and offloading. it didn't matter how far back they were, they were determined to run the line. Now, with their success, other nations are attempting this; but the All Blacks are SO far ahead of the competition, I don't see them never NOT improving.

  2. I'm new to watching Rugby, all I know is that the team to beat is New Zealand.

    Is a referee usually shown this sort of respect? Everyone seems to know when he says something, shut up and listen.

  3. 50 odd minutes in and the Irish fans singing The Fields of Athenry, is there seriously a debate on where the 2023 world cup needs to be held?

  4. lol this video isn't as hype with French commentators , its sooooo much better with new Zealand commentators

  5. Poor nz if not for rugby the world would not know it even exists and even at that they need the pacific island guys otherwise they would get buttfucked by most of the other countries

  6. Fuck France, I hate their government for criminalizing prostitution, may they lose at everything for the rest of time.

  7. I feel the only reason why nonu has long dreads is to whip the other players in the head

  8. ive only watched football my whole life and even play it. watched about 4 world cups, first time watching rugby and its insane how bloody strong these men are. getting that many hits and still being able to sprint down the wings is incredible.

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