The Rugby Union Players’ Association (RUPA) boss Ross Xenos has hit out at the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) for making an enemy of almost everyone with the move to determine which team it can remove legally in disenfranchising plans.

Xenos condemned the plans of overly cutting cost, saying it does not bode well for the game.

“The ARU has not made any commitments on what kind of savings there will be from any reduction [of competing sides] and how any reinvestment would benefit the whole of Australian Rugby. Simply threatening financial risk or talking about possible savings is not a strategy for the future of the game,” Xenos advised.

There is currently so much uncertainty in the Super League, and there are even rumours that South African sides are about to switch to the European Pro12.

The draws for the 2016 and 2017 were made public in September of the previous years so the teams can plan ahead. The announcement for the 2018 edition is likely to be pushed back with all the uncertainty surrounding the league.

With the South African Rugby Union (SARU) set to announce teams which will exit the Super League, SANZAAR is bothered about happenings. The operations team cannot work on the full draw for the forthcoming season until the next steps are obvious. SANZAAR needs to know the 15 teams to plan logistics concerns – like booking flights, accommodation and security – and keep all franchises contented.

After SANZAAR decided to condense the Super League to 15 sides, SARU asked for time to decide which teams it will cut. SANZAAR is still left with the huge task of consulting all sides and preparing for the season.