Some changes brought breath to New Zealand National Football Team

A breath of changes are swirling across the New Zealand National Football Team as a new chief executive was announced in the form of Andy Martin, a new chairman was put into place as Mark Aspden was selected and a new coach of the nation has also been determined which was Anthony Hudson. All of these changes were made in 2014 and it’s a sign for what is to come in the near and long term future of the nation in the world of football.

During the 2010 edition of the World Cup, New Zealand managed to make it into the group stages but after not managing to win a single match, they were eliminated along with Italy. New Zealand finished the international tournament in the 22nd place which might seem like a bad position but considering that the team had not even been able to qualify in any World Cup since 1982, it’s a fairly good result.

The new coach of New Zealand, Anthony Hudson said that one of his primary objectives as the manager of the nation is to not only qualify for the upcoming 2018 World Cup but also to actually win games, which they have never been able to do.

“For me coming here it is not just about getting to the World Cup it is about the way we do it. The opportunity to really implement a style of play, a philosophy, a way of working and to have all our younger teams playing the same way and create an identity for the country’’

“We have got time to do that, we have got resources, a great mentality here so we have the chance not just to try and win games, but to try and put something in place that will stand for a very long time’’ New Zealand’s Anthony Hudson said.

Hard work is lying ahead of Anthony Hudson and his team but they are determined to make it happen for New Zealand and their football team. There is a huge mountain that they have to climb but the team is eager on rising to the top of it.