Anthony Hudson feels that the players he picked up will step up to the plat

Anthony Hudson, the New Zealand manager, is hoping that the young players that he has picked for the forthcoming fixture versus South of Korea will step up to the plate and make their claims for a permanent spot.

Hudson’s idea behind picking so many youngsters is to give them a bit of a feel of International Football and see how many of them are ready for the highest level already.

New Zealand would not play too many friendlies ahead of their World Cup qualifying games which means they are not going to have opportunities to test what lies in their back up.

So, for this Korea game, Hudson has opted for a squad full of inexperienced players.

According to Hudson, having watched some of the guys in training, he is quite hopeful. The youngsters have shown the ability to adapt and learn quickly.

Speaking to the reporters yesterday, the boss said, “These blokes are the future and the way they have come and settled in easily, you will have to say that the signs are encouraging.” Read More

Anthony Hudson sure to make into History Books

New Zealand’s Anthony Hudson is a man that is determined on making it into the history-books of the national team after being appointed as the manager of the country’s football team in August of 2014; he has already outlined what he is planning to do and to accomplish.

Mexico defeated New Zealand on November 20 of 2013 as the Spanish speaking country earned the ticket which allowed them to qualify into the previous edition of the World Cup.

The group stages of the 1982 and 2010 are the furthest that the New Zealand national side has managed to get into during the international competitions but Anthony Hudson wants to make it beyond the traditional placing of the team.

One of the ways that Anthony Hudson wants to achieve this level of success is to go on a global tour in search of players who can be eligible on playing with the New Zealand side and if they are talented enough, Hudson will be attempting to add them to his team as this will help out in the process of increasing the quality of the national side. Read More

Some changes brought breath to New Zealand National Football Team

A breath of changes are swirling across the New Zealand National Football Team as a new chief executive was announced in the form of Andy Martin, a new chairman was put into place as Mark Aspden was selected and a new coach of the nation has also been determined which was Anthony Hudson. All of these changes were made in 2014 and it’s a sign for what is to come in the near and long term future of the nation in the world of football.

During the 2010 edition of the World Cup, New Zealand managed to make it into the group stages but after not managing to win a single match, they were eliminated along with Italy. New Zealand finished the international tournament in the 22nd place which might seem like a bad position but considering that the team had not even been able to qualify in any World Cup since 1982, it’s a fairly good result. Read More

Anthony Hudson elected as Coach of NZ

The American coach Anthony Hudson was elected as the coach of New Zealand in August of the current year and he has outlined his plans for the squad that he is currently in charge of.

During a press conference at the North Harbor Stadium or generally known as the ‘’QBE Stadium’’, Anthony Hudson unveiled his plans for the next 4 years and what he will be trying to accomplish within that lapse of time.

One of the primary objectives of Hudson for New Zealand is to help guide and get them into the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. The main focus of Anthony Hudson is to shape the squad and upgrade it however that may be possible in order to snatch a spot into the upcoming 2018 World Cup.

“If we are to build a team and a program which is capable of securing a berth at the next World Cup, every action we take and every decision we make must be with that end goal in mind. Having assessed our current situation, there are several key areas of attention for us moving forward.Creating, teaching and implementing a clear style of play for the All Whites, as well as the teams which support us, is the central task we have’’ New Zealand’s Anthony Hudson revealed to the media.

Fred de Jong is the Director of the New Zealand Football Board and was one of the figures which influenced in the decision of selecting Anthony Hudson as the coach of the New Zealand national team and the 50 years old Director had nothing but praise concerning everything that Hudson has been doing and is optimistic about the future.

“We employed Anthony in the role of All Whites coach because his vision for the delivery of a national team program matches our own. It’s exciting to see us taking the first steps on a new journey which will bring a new level of alignment to our elite men’s teams, shaping a New Zealand Football identity on the world stage as we build a program Kiwis everywhere can be proud of.”  Fred de Jong said he praised Anthony Hudson.