20 thoughts to “New Zealand All Blacks V British & Irish Lions 1 jul 2017 2nd test”

  1. The Haka is an important part of new Zealand's success rate because it scares the sh*t out of the opposition

  2. Barrett's contribution in the tackle on Itoje @ 48:05 was very impressive, Itoje is a wrecking ball. It makes sense that with him being the runt of the litter that he would have some sort of weird strength.

  3. To think this is the first and last time most of these players will have beaten the All Blacks.

  4. Thanks for uploading, Paula. It's great to have these matches available on Youtube! 🙂

  5. Obviously, New Zealand losing a player — and a key one, at that — makes an enormous difference. But the red card was perfectly warranted, and as the commentators point out, the rules protecting players heads are there for very good reason.

    Edit: NB. Full credit to the All-Blacks for keeping the score as close as they did.

  6. Thanks for uploading, it made a Brit living in California very happy on this holiday weekend. Just wish there was a little more post match video, but not sure how the original show was.

    Rugby is the fastest growing sport in the USA. Not on any of the channels could I have seen this amazing game. it's terrible I have to rely on a YouTube to post this in order for me to be able to watch it in 2017.

    But at this moment I'm just so happy we beat them. Roll on Saturday!

    If you haven't already you should read Sir Clive Woodwoods open letter to Warren Gatland. Amazing letter and puts into perspective what just happened.

  7. Really impressed by AWJ. I'd been complaining all week about him being picked but he was winning all his collisions

  8. Awesome effort to the Lions. On a side note, the Sky Sports Commentary team are a bunch of 'Captain Obvious's'. I was appalled to realize that Stuart Barnes was actually the most sensible among them at times.

  9. Thank you ! I'm in Canada and couldn't find this on any channel – great to see this historic win

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