25 thoughts to “Nike Football: The Chance: New Zealand’s First Find”

  1. all this The Chance stuff, this is Nike marketing, nothing else…
    the real future pros are scouted way earlier, not with 18, 19 out of nowhere; they play in their youth national teams long ago and get their first pro contracts by their clubs very early.

    nevertheless – just for fun´s sake I would rate this action positive, just if Nike wouldn´t create so many dreams, that have no chance to come true one day… poor fanbois

  2. They should come to the Dominican Republic really tralented kids here… 2 kids that go to an academy in a school there are in Real Madrids youth squad!

  3. They should also send Coaches to some international schools in Kenya because I think kenya ha potential that hasn’t been found !!!!

  4. Nike should start an under 13 search in Kenya, England and America. To start there career and take to a new level. Discipline them.

  5. would anyone care to please read this
    Well, i am a football player, Currently playing for Barrhead FC and i am getting doubts that im going to be scouted, because of my height, im only 12 but all my friends are playing for pro youth and im not, if there are any scouts are interested they could message me or even come watch me play, playing professional is my dream! im so desperate i could seriously cry, people say im really good for my age. PLEASE read this, maybe thumbs up so people can see?:)

  6. nike give them the kits and boots just for that game they are filming idiot, isnt it obvious?

  7. They should come to painesville, ohio. There are many great players here and it might be a tough desicion for them …

  8. parece que soy el unico que abla español y ve este video (ya se porque no le entiendo)jejejejeje

  9. Hello,
    My name is Edin, and I am young football player. I play in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where The Chance, I am shure, will never come. So I am asking you just to watch my video on my profile. Thank you for your time to read this. Hope I’ll get my chance out there someday… 😀

  10. i was in this, the guy who was picked is really good, has good vision, good pace, fitness is a bit questionable, is hungry for the ball. but overall he is a good player

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